when i was in high school, my dad was an engineer who taught me to be a do-it-yourselfer.

we had a swimming pool. i wondered (and asked him) how could i and my friends breathe under water?

we bought a few parts and thirty odd feet of tubing, put a few big rocks in our shorts and played chess at the bottom of the pool.

we took turns filling our lungs and moving pieces until one won.

1 thought on “ventilators

  1. i’m new to word press and can’t figure out how to nicely form the above poem, so, sorry, you’ll have to adapt until we learn.

    what we did when i was in high school was go to a boneyard (wrecked car parts dealer) and bought a pollution control air pump (if that’s not ironic now, i really don’t know what is) and a properly sized motor and began the project. by the midst of the summer we were staying under water for extended times. it was a lot of fun. probably a bit toxic for our lungs, but hey! everybody was smoking back then.

    these are the folks that will be needing ventilators and won’t have access to one; like in italy and spain now.

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