a little about me

i feel overwhelmed with the prospect of setting up a real live word press site. what’s all this gibberish about keywords? i have to learn again all the shit i loved when i was an idealistic young potential electrical engineer. and then i grew to hate it largely. all that technology to be abused and be abused by. and, just now i realize, it’s not all that hard. i cry less, laugh more now. no doubt i’ll die soon. all the needles are being used, so i’m still learning how to open up and bleed here. guess it’s not our natural habit.

i, the english lit i, have to learn to play with pics, but it’s so different from what i was into. call me rip, i guess. but as you’ll come to tell i have the latest phone cam and text by hunt and peck.

it’s all about me, says my wife; welcome to our life. you won’t find our kids here; but a lot of their tracks. and if you know them, you’ll see mine.

(this’ll probably be continued / and changed as it’s a first draft)

ps – and i hesitate, just now, to press that button . . .

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