and when i meditate, (this is the first verse)
i find i can see
the more important things
to do (and tons to do not)

and here’s what i’d like to do:
teach you a very simple technique

  1. breathe in comfortably deep.
    hold it, comfortably, until you sense
    just a little discomfort at having too much too long;
    but first, feel how good air is!

(you’ll be surprised at how profitably
you can meditate when you do)

  1. breathe out comfortably empty. hold.
    pay attention to shifts in body alerts.
    then breathe in,
    feeling how good air is.
    and how desperately you need it.

(please don’t push this at first;
with self-care later)

after you do this enough,
return to the first verse above.

this has been a public service announcement of pondicherry air, friend of all. try it if you like. no money, no guarantee.

ps – i also highly recommend this during now:

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