what is this? yes, some new culture. some new consideration on what it is and what we can do about it.

me? yes, i’ve been in cults. in a really bad one (relatively, of course) currently. but they’re hard to change, these cultures of ours. we can only do it together.

i’ve found it important (more lately) to learn to be calm and happy. i guess that’s pretty much what pondicherry air is about. here we are. what shall we do? where can we gather to talk about it all now that we can’t gather?

i, unfortunately, don’t know much. yeah, we’re all ignorant, huh?

i’ll bet you know some cool shit too, eh?

we should get together.

now, please.

(have you wikied pondicherry yet? cool place! deep roots. this has been a shocking public service announcement of pondicherry air – thank you for working here. thank you for being compassionate, too)

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