i’d build two simple tracks from my city to another,
build a bunch of simple e-bike kind of thingies,
(some could be group or light cargo thingies, perhaps)
(set them up with optional pedaling – this is a democracy with motors, still)
pray for engineers and heartfelt workers (like current unemployed due to wrong economy)
and patrons with heartfelt money who would like to help
rather than make the next killing off the next bug. pedaling is healthy.

the tracks could be close to the ground and the grass roots (hey engineers, would it be better to hang from a rail or ride on rail?) and light enough to be easily repairable; maybe even by the rider who notices a need and fixes it (or a vetted volunteer engineer who’s phone advises, and who has a moment because they are now healthily employed and not rushing to work destruction.) many will be engineers and scientists (however we move back to balance) and hopefully fewer military personnel (thank you for your service.) with phones, it’d be easy to coordinate stops and flow. maybe with pods (hey, can you say social isolation, mrs jetson?) that detach from the chasis quickly at stations and go home on small e-bike/e-car sorts of thingies that charged and/or were used all day by other pods private and public? or, gasp, flexible local public transit. it’d be fun to play and figure it out. i wonder if the governor would let us play along the highways? it’d be modular and easy to expand / contract. simple. governor? oh, and please don’t forget about those poor old airline workers. they could be re-purposed as mama forces us to fly less. lots and lots of mechanics, pod attendants. oops, with artificial intelligence, there’d be no reservations needed. i’d be out of work. oh well.

anybody got time? anybody got will? anybody willing to have a vulnerable transportation system? anybody willing to die while we work out the kinks? anybody willing to open it up for all? and we use it based on need? need, thank god, no longer whipped like butter. and how do we administer the validity of need? yeah. never mind. it’s justice too complicated. and yet, i hope, one day to be able to pedal as i can and know that there are others who care.

any millionaires wanna make a cool movie?

i might offer to help with the script.

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