just start:

buy a seed

any seed

pray about it (pray over it)

if you will

just outside your dwelling

(even if it’s only a crack)

or a 3 by 9 patch

of re-purposed lawn

close to your door

and a spigot

1 thought on “how to grow a garden of hope

  1. a number of years ago, my youngest daughter did a 2nd grade experiment on our back porch. a styrofoam cup with a pumpkin seed fell off the table and the seed lodged there on the edge of the yard, well watered by a nearby sprinkler. i noticed some thick, broad leaved loveliness growing and mowed around it for a few weeks. i was pretty depressed at the time, but some little curiosity left in me let it be. it eventually grew to cover a goodly portion of the back yard and produced a dozen nice pumpkins for the kids. i got to mow less as the leaves covered the grass. the rest of our forest garden is now recent history.

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