the universe wants adaptation
to occur freely, i believe.
some folks (damned scientists) call this evolution.

universities are now offering
real (and practical) courses for free.
you can believe (and use) it.

healers (ones i know online)
are teaching and helping freely.
god bless you wounded ones!

pretty damned soon
we won’t hardly need
money, anymore. imagine it.

you may call me a dreamer,
but there are other means
of exchange.

go out and use some, please.

and when i meditate, (this is the first verse)
i find i can see
the more important things
to do (and tons to do not)

and here’s what i’d like to do:
teach you a very simple technique

  1. breathe in comfortably deep.
    hold it, comfortably, until you sense
    just a little discomfort at having too much too long;
    but first, feel how good air is!

(you’ll be surprised at how profitably
you can meditate when you do)

  1. breathe out comfortably empty. hold.
    pay attention to shifts in body alerts.
    then breathe in,
    feeling how good air is.
    and how desperately you need it.

(please don’t push this at first;
with self-care later)

after you do this enough,
return to the first verse above.

this has been a public service announcement of pondicherry air, friend of all. try it if you like. no money, no guarantee.

ps – i also highly recommend this during now:

i’d build two simple tracks from my city to another,
build a bunch of simple e-bike kind of thingies,
(some could be group or light cargo thingies, perhaps)
(set them up with optional pedaling – this is a democracy with motors, still)
pray for engineers and heartfelt workers (like current unemployed due to wrong economy)
and patrons with heartfelt money who would like to help
rather than make the next killing off the next bug. pedaling is healthy.

the tracks could be close to the ground and the grass roots (hey engineers, would it be better to hang from a rail or ride on rail?) and light enough to be easily repairable; maybe even by the rider who notices a need and fixes it (or a vetted volunteer engineer who’s phone advises, and who has a moment because they are now healthily employed and not rushing to work destruction.) many will be engineers and scientists (however we move back to balance) and hopefully fewer military personnel (thank you for your service.) with phones, it’d be easy to coordinate stops and flow. maybe with pods (hey, can you say social isolation, mrs jetson?) that detach from the chasis quickly at stations and go home on small e-bike/e-car sorts of thingies that charged and/or were used all day by other pods private and public? or, gasp, flexible local public transit. it’d be fun to play and figure it out. i wonder if the governor would let us play along the highways? it’d be modular and easy to expand / contract. simple. governor? oh, and please don’t forget about those poor old airline workers. they could be re-purposed as mama forces us to fly less. lots and lots of mechanics, pod attendants. oops, with artificial intelligence, there’d be no reservations needed. i’d be out of work. oh well.

anybody got time? anybody got will? anybody willing to have a vulnerable transportation system? anybody willing to die while we work out the kinks? anybody willing to open it up for all? and we use it based on need? need, thank god, no longer whipped like butter. and how do we administer the validity of need? yeah. never mind. it’s justice too complicated. and yet, i hope, one day to be able to pedal as i can and know that there are others who care.

any millionaires wanna make a cool movie?

i might offer to help with the script.

when i was in high school, my dad was an engineer who taught me to be a do-it-yourselfer.

we had a swimming pool. i wondered (and asked him) how could i and my friends breathe under water?

we bought a few parts and thirty odd feet of tubing, put a few big rocks in our shorts and played chess at the bottom of the pool.

we took turns filling our lungs and moving pieces until one won.

a note about my writing habit: i grab a fresh notebook, skip the first page and write on the right side of each page all the way to the end, skipping the last page, leaving it clean and blank. i then flip the notebook and head back. it’s often conversational from page to page, don’t ask with whom, each page being more or less an individual; it’s life. (here’s an example) the first poem below is what i wrote this morning (19 march 2020 – it took me a few days to figure out how to do this). the second is the facing page which i wrote on the way out (maybe 17 march after the last day of my work week) as i was spending my day job work hours cancelling airline reservations.

the surreality (for all of our kinder friends)

it’s like kinder again;
there are bullies
and the unknowing
of what comes next.

if you’re lucky,
you have a fun teacher
who puts the bullies
in their place.

if your culture is one
of grace and mercy,
you might just learn
to fly.

in time (of time surreal)

— the page going back —

so, now that we can’t

gather at conferences
and festivals

how are we gonna gather?
may i propose?

pondicherry air

close your eyes, please,
and meditate

and imagine the next step
of our evolution

and let’s make the place
we can meet without physically flying, and do so

it’s a vision i have, i guess, for a new kind of airline that works without motors, servos, artificially intelligent navigation, etc. it’s a hope that we won’t, as we reset anew, have so many stupid jobs that contribute to the contributors of our extinction. i don’t know what it looks like yet, and i’m not against technology, but it calls us to reach forward, and, of course, out to one another. but we can’t now, not so much in physical planes and bodies. so, what are we gonna do? and don’t get me wrong; i’m not against airlines. i am, in current fact, employed by one.

so, as you can see, we are in need of a new airline. i’m pretty free (and it looks like soon, ever freer) to talk. where shall we meet?

we need artists and engineers to make good travel apps, etc. and to work together to do so.

and for old folks to get zen, cuz we’re gonna die soon. and if you go a nice way, others will fear less (i speak as a bodhisattva of compassion to a bodhisattva of compassion.) or you can panic and go frenetic. it seems the time is soon. (and i leave for others to debate the scales)

and don’t get me wrong, i’m a christian. i love joseph and mother mary. i love their bodhisattva of compassion child that is my unknowing friend as we hang in the cloud.

and as you can tell, i love india. though i’ve never made it to pondicherry, i hear there are new flights. and they are free.

and i listen (and reflect carefully) with sufis, too.

and every thing that comes a knocking at my door scares me at first; like that holy terror jumping from the 10 meter platform in oshkosh, wisconsin.

and the bullies are pushin’ for us to fly. welcome aboard! smile at one another.

what prevents us, friend, from making a city plan in the city we find ourselves in? do you know any planners? do you know any doers? do you? folks getting hungry to re-learn food? (as in that archaic knowledge old aunt gertrude had.) how do we, as a species, co-operate? only broken leaders can lead with compassion. only broken followers can follow. once the rest start to feel it, watch out!

i don’t know if i’m broken enough. but i’m ready.

ah shit, we gotta build the plane!

(and if you know anyone who can teach me how to scale and upload pics ‘n shit?)

i’ll end this post with a ditty i like to keep rewriting. here’s the latest evolution:

my name is yon yonson
i grew in wisconsin
i work in the meaning mill der (that’s how scandahoovians say ‘there’)

and the folks that i meet
yoning yon street
make life here worth it and fair

and they look in my eye
smile and say, “hi!
what’s your name?”

what is this? yes, some new culture. some new consideration on what it is and what we can do about it.

me? yes, i’ve been in cults. in a really bad one (relatively, of course) currently. but they’re hard to change, these cultures of ours. we can only do it together.

i’ve found it important (more lately) to learn to be calm and happy. i guess that’s pretty much what pondicherry air is about. here we are. what shall we do? where can we gather to talk about it all now that we can’t gather?

i, unfortunately, don’t know much. yeah, we’re all ignorant, huh?

i’ll bet you know some cool shit too, eh?

we should get together.

now, please.

(have you wikied pondicherry yet? cool place! deep roots. this has been a shocking public service announcement of pondicherry air – thank you for working here. thank you for being compassionate, too)

a little about me

i feel overwhelmed with the prospect of setting up a real live word press site. what’s all this gibberish about keywords? i have to learn again all the shit i loved when i was an idealistic young potential electrical engineer. and then i grew to hate it largely. all that technology to be abused and be abused by. and, just now i realize, it’s not all that hard. i cry less, laugh more now. no doubt i’ll die soon. all the needles are being used, so i’m still learning how to open up and bleed here. guess it’s not our natural habit.

i, the english lit i, have to learn to play with pics, but it’s so different from what i was into. call me rip, i guess. but as you’ll come to tell i have the latest phone cam and text by hunt and peck.

it’s all about me, says my wife; welcome to our life. you won’t find our kids here; but a lot of their tracks. and if you know them, you’ll see mine.

(this’ll probably be continued / and changed as it’s a first draft)

ps – and i hesitate, just now, to press that button . . .